Because he “likes him” ???

Trump says he's reversing North Korea sanctions imposed by his Treasury Department - The Hill

Nikki Haley is criticized for her comment on health care in Finland - CNN

Does't the Americans with Disabilities Act require software vendors to allow users to increase the font of their applications? Apple News on the Mac doesn't allow it and I find it very frustrating .

I’m waiting for a meetup in a coffee shop where there are supposed to be about 100 people showing up. Not sure how they are all going to fit in here!

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i know, lesser of two evils and all that, but complaining loudly about mozillas foibles while google is a global vampire squid inhaling all the worlds data strikes me as slightly odd. i guess im glad people are being vigilant

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America: All regulation is evil, businesses must be allowed to do whatever they like

Telcos: *Sell your detailed location data to bounty hunters and anyone else who asks*


@SharronARose have you figured out the privacy settings yet? The only people I am allowing to become members are family. Unless you post something publicly it will only be seen by everyone on my server. If you post it publicly then the rest of the people using Mastodon (the open source networking solution we are using) will be able to see it.

This post is public.

Green New Deal aims to reshape US energy in 10 years. A lot could go wrong - CNBC

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Next week's cover... cc:


Anyone know of issues with on ? When running Certbot renew I'm getting an error `Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)` but the site is available via http and https.

Maybe my gamble in Tron coin will pay off.

BitTorrent (BTT) - The token that will enable blockchain mass adoption

I’m a t-mobile employee, so have to disclose that. That said, I’m glad we aren’t slapping 5G on our stuff. Our speeds are fast enough without having to market fake standards

I’m pretty sure only criminals use the word “Rat” to refer to people working with law enforcement
Trump slams Russia probe in face of new reality - CNNPolitics

Awesome speeds on -mobile ! Also a great company to work for (need to be transparent )

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