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Next week's @NewYorker@twitter.com cover... cc: @doctorow@twitter.com

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Anyone know of issues with on ? When running Certbot renew I'm getting an error `Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)` but the site is available via http and https.

Maybe my gamble in Tron coin will pay off.

BitTorrent (BTT) - The token that will enable blockchain mass adoption

I’m a t-mobile employee, so have to disclose that. That said, I’m glad we aren’t slapping 5G on our stuff. Our speeds are fast enough without having to market fake standards

I’m pretty sure only criminals use the word “Rat” to refer to people working with law enforcement
Trump slams Russia probe in face of new reality - CNNPolitics

Awesome speeds on -mobile ! Also a great company to work for (need to be transparent )

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Apparently pajamas in public is ok. WTF?

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@dave @njoseph_1 I use it daily too. We even run it on small SoC wearables that do ergonomics detection. It's been very productive for our engineering team. I've been at Go for 2 years.

I want to be able to write code on my iPad so I can leave my MacBook at home when I want to travel light. So, I tried out , an open source and client also sold on the App Store. I couldn’t get it working and the devs said I couldn’t use a key that has pw protection.Even when I removed it it still couldn’t connect so I bought which was simple to setup and so far, I like it. I will be posting more details when hack my instance and write some code.

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Left: A traditional `goto`. Right: A domesticated `goto`, as seen in C, C#, Golang, etc. The inability to cross function boundaries means it can still pee on your shoes, but it probably won't rip your face off.

(from vorpus.org/blog/notes-on-struc )

I think anyone in the world can see this one. It’s “public”

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#Microsoft in open-source so far:

- Calls its Windows to Linux translation layer "Windows Subsystem for Linux", as if it was doing something for #Linux we should be thankful for. In reality, it is literally a Linux subsystem for #Windows to enhance its own product.

- Ships its flagship open-source project, VSCode, with telemetry enabled.

- Ships .NET Core with telemetry enabled.

- Doesn't accept community contributions to the recently open-sourced WPF/Winforms.

No changes expected in 2019.

Politicians don’t know Sprint is losing customers and is a dead company already?

T-Mobile-Sprint merger could face tough criticism in Congress - The Verge

We should have never bailed out GM in the first place. This was inevitable because their cars and trucks are simply substandard.

Trump says he was 'very tough' on GM's Barra over plant closures - CNNPolitics

This is why I prefer using Go. There's really no need for importing external libs. Of course it's much easier, but using node rails is too magical for me.


It’s been over 20 years. Why do I still do things like throwing a teabag into a cup as if I hoped it would die when it hit the bottom ?

some things can’t be bought- respect and Liberty are two of them!

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